Sparking the electric, autonomous revolution

In the last 50 years, not much has changed in aviation while materials, battery technology and software have come a long way. Today's aircraft burn fossil fuels and are inconvenient for short distances and small numbers of passengers. A revolution is long overdue.

The future of flight is in transition.

Tailsitter aircraft rotate 90 degrees to take off and land on their tail, requiring no run-way, and less space than a car. This makes them perfect for all applications that require high performance, high reliability and a small landing area.

Phase I and II Winners of the GoFly Prize

In November 2017, The GoFly Prize was announced, a three phase challenge sponsored by Boeing. The goal of the prize is to foster the development of safe, quiet, ultra-compact, near-VTOL personal flying devices capable of flying twenty miles while carrying a single person.

In early 2018 a small group of aerospace engineering students from the TU Delft submitted their concept. Their electric flying motorcycle concept was among ten winners selected out of nearly 200 submissions. They quickly put their concept to the test, individually testing key components of the aircraft as well as flying smaller scale models. In March of 2019, the result of this work placed them among five winners globally.

A World of Mobility in 3-D

Silverwing is paving the road to a future beyond roads. Future mobility will be available on demand and unlimited in three dimensions. Key progress along this road includes autonomous delivery, industrial maintenance, and finally personal air mobility. Eventually, a future will be possible where we fly in autonomous, emission free vehicles, all while working, reading, and of course—enjoying the view.

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